To the printer it goes!

My book, now titled Delicious Rose Flavored Desserts has been sent to the printer.


For months we baked and photographed over 60 recipes which all had roses or rosewater as an ingredient, sourced from period authors such as Hannah Glasse, Elizabeth Raffald, Elizabeth Moxon, John Farley, Eliza Smith, Amelia Simmons, Sarah Harrison, and private manuscripts. Below are some of the recipe photos that did not make it into the book…….


Shrewsbury Cakes

The small cakes are plated on a Hartley & Green pierced creamware dish. Accompanying this is an original 18th century cut and etched crystal decanter and two Georgian period small etched lead crystal glasses.


Raspberry Cream

The cream is in an original 18th century cut crystal sweetmeat dish, with four 18th century jelly glasses. The five silver dessert spoons are from silversmith Hester Bateman; all set on a reproduction mahogany tray.


German Puffs

These petite and tasty 18th Century version of doughnut holes are in an original 18th century pierced creamware dish, with an original hallmarked 18th century sterling silver tong for serving. The smaller 18th century English china saucer or dish holds a Georgian sterling silver nutmeg grater and small sterling silver spoon. On the saucer are two nutmegs and a grated portion of one of the nutmegs.

Just an aside… these were sooo good that none of the puffs made it to my taste testers!!



3 responses to “To the printer it goes!

  1. Michaela McNamara

    I can’t wait till it’s off the presses!

  2. Can’t wait to see it! Thanks for all the time getting all the details accurate and making 18th Century food receipts available!

  3. Judy, way to go! And to have Clair write the forward…us rose-buddies we’re with you sort of, from the beginning……I have tasted some of her magnificent delights, even cake….so the adage goes, Judy, you Can have your cake and Eat it too!!!! Luv Elaine….see you mid- June!

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