My first book signing.

My first author signing happened at the end of June!


The Barnes & Noble community relations manager Diane was extraordinarily helpful. Originally advertised as a demonstration and tasting, the challenge was to do this presentation after the Barnes & Noble regional manager nixed any food being offered. So I placed some cotton balls soaked in different rose waters in squeeze bottles so people could smell the difference between commercial and home made rosewaters. It surprised all how lovely the homemade rosewaters were compared to the commercial ones. It stemmed their hesitation about using rosewater as an ingredient. The reason for the almost too strong scent of commercial rosewater is the result of using multiple roses in their creation. Too many scents causes an overload and the scent is soap-like. That’s the reason I recommend a very sparing use of commercial rosewater as an ingredient.


Those in attendance were quite surprised at the difference between commercial and homemade rosewater. After smelling the different containers, one woman had to buy the book since she said that “Now I can enjoy my roses long after they would have wilted.” A gentleman saw the photo of the rose ice cream and asked if it was in the book. I told him it was. Nudging his wife, he insisted on buying the book to try his hand at rose ice cream making. Of course the fact that it was a truly scorching hot day may have had some influence! The gathering was not a large one, but all who came bought at least one book and a woman wandered in at the end, asked about the rosewater and she too bought a copy!


I would like to thank Diane and the Valencia Barnes & Noble for their hospitality and preparation. They really made this first time author feel welcome!

It was a wonderful first book signing!


Author signed first edition!



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